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KC Host


KC Host is the Kinetek Controls proprietary controller communications system and software which allows a user to…

  • Program the configurable parameters of a controller such as top speed, acceleration rate, regeneration rate, throttle input type, motor field mapping, etc.
  • Access and read error code history.
  • Copy and transfer controller settings to multiple controllers.
    Monitor real-time data including motor current, battery voltage, controller temperature, system status, etc.

KC Host conveniently runs on Microsoft Windows based PC's and laptops. A USB cable connects the controller to the PC. There is no need to purchase an expensive stand-alone terminal with KC Host. Technicians can be contacted at 440-357-5711 during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have during set-up and installation.

Please see the Products Overview page for a list of controllers that are compatible with KC Host.

Software: KC HOST Setup guide

KC Host can be customized and branded for your specific application. You have the option to have your users see your company name on the software instead of Kinetek Controls, and KC Host can be customized to allow user access to only the settings/parameters of your choice.