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Kinetek Controls : AC Induction Motor Controller
  RV Motor Controller  

The Kinetek KCCA0005 RV Motor Controller accurately controls and protects your recreational vehicle slide-out motor. Designed specifi cally for 12-volt, RV systems, this compact, single board controller protects the slide-out motor from extended overcurrent conditions - uncontrolled overcurrent that would otherwise quickly destroy an unprotected motor.

The simple, inexpensive KCCA0005 handles peak currents up to 55 Amps. A simple potentiometer, adjusted using a small screwdriver, provides set point adjustment anywhere within the 0 to 55 Amp range. The factory-programmed set point timer stops the motor and allows it to cool if motor current draw remains at the set point for too long a time. The set point timer standard duration is 0.25 seconds but it can be otherwise set to meet customer requirements.

Compact size and easy-connect, blade terminals (Faston style) make the KCCA0005 very easy and quick to install and connect. Solid-state design provides durability, dependability, and accurate performance over time. The unit enclosure protects the circuitry from dust and moisture. (Cover not shown in picture below.)

Motor free wheeling minimization
Protective enclosure
Easy install and connect
Factory set point timer programming
Key Applications:
Recreational vehicles   Actuator motor control for 12-volt systems
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